Anonymous45 @Anonymous27: yes
Anonymous27 I get off thinking about my ex boyfriend. We kind of "hate" each other and I know this is wrong. The worst part is, I get turned on by the thought of his calves.
Anonymous27 I'm addicted to tight clean p***y and anything that has the slightest dirty fish stench will cause dry heaves and eventual vomit if a full breath of stank enters my stomach. I hate dirty p***y more than anything, don't mother's teach you how to wash and douche so men dont reject their daughters for hygiene. Uhhh i can only imagine what grilled cheese yellow discharge mess is in their mothers coote
Anonymous27 I just bought some used panties off craigslist. I just emailed the girl, told what I wanted her to do in them and that was it. I asked for photos to verify her gender, which she refused. But she gave me a quick call instead, which I took with c**k firmly in hand.
Anonymous20 I confess- my ex f**k-buddy turned me into his little s**t and I both hate and love him for it. Before I met him, I never would have dreamed of doing what he made me do, and now I find myself craving to be treated like a little s**t again.
I❤️Pussy I am 16 year old female and for some reason find myself h***y a lot, especially on my period. I've never had a boyfriend or any romantic interest, let alone lost my virginity, yet I just can't stop imagining and fantasizing about the feeling of a hard d**k inside me. I m********e almost daily but nothing seems to help. Strange
Anonymous20 Sometimes I date dirty, nasty, skanky girls because they turn me on more and do all the nasty hardcore sick s**t I love. Other times I date nice girls and try to turn them out into dirty as it can get them to be without giving myself away
Anonymous20 im 18....shes only 14. she makes me happy and shes the only girl that is there for me right now. i fell for her...but i cant be with her because my friends dont approve. now i feel cold empty and alone.